Eagle Scout Court of Honor

On Saturday, we had the pleasure of attending an Eagle Scout Court of Honor for a young man from our church. This is the card I made for him:

Before the ceremony began, I took a photo of Trevor with Garret. 

Garret's was the first Eagle Court of Honor Trevor has attended since starting Cub Scouts in July 2012. Seven months before starting Cub Scouts, Trevor attended his cousin Ian's Eagle Court of Honor. 

Trevor loves Scouting and I have no doubt that he will go on to become an Eagle. It's going to take hard work and dedication, as well as support from many, but he'll get there. 

While there were quite a few Boy Scouts and Venturers at Garret's Court of Honor, Trevor was the only Cub Scout there. Garret made a point of introducing Trevor to three friends who have grown up with him in Scouts, all the way from Tiger to Eagle. I asked the four young men what advice they have for a Webelos Scout who is Eagle-bound:

  • Don't leave your paperwork until the end. The paperwork is less fun than everything else, so get it out of the way whenever possible. It's really annoying to be done with the good stuff and still have to do all the paperwork.
  • Don't be afraid to ask people for money. People want to help you and support you, especially with your Eagle project. I was amazed how many people gave me money or volunteered their time for my project. I just wrote a letter to the people in the church and the money came pouring in.
  • Ask for whatever you need, not just money. There are so many leaders who will help you with anything, not just for Eagle projects, but along the whole path to Eagle. Other Scouts can help too. For your Eagle project, ask stores for help. Stores like Lowe's will give you supplies really cheap and will give you rental equipment to use for free. Everyone really just wants you to succeed.
  • Don't lose the fun. Scouting is a blast and there's so much you can do. Enjoy every minute of it.

Wise words from some very impressive young men. Thank you for serving as excellent role models and providing an example to Trevor of what he can achieve through hard work.


  1. Loving the photos and great tips too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Congrats! Great achievement!

  3. Wow. That's pretty neat and some very good advice coming from young boys. Love this. Your card was perfect.

  4. Very cool - just look at tiny Trevor in that old photo!

  5. What a great story! Having Trevor meet these young men who have attained their Eagle scout ranking had to be such a good experience for Trevor. By hearing their stories,he will know that as hard as it will be at times, these other boys have done it and he can too


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