Edible (and Healthy!) Olympic Rings Craft

After making the bracelet inspired by the Olympic flag, I wanted to see if I could make an edible Olympic ring craft. But rather than go the obvious route, like colorful sprinkles on donuts or candies on cupcakes, I set out to make a healthy version that I'd feel good about serving as a lunch or snack. Mission accomplished!


Edible (and Healthy!) Olympic Rings

Materials: 5 slices of soft sandwich bread, biscuit cutters (two different sizes), whipped cream cheese or plain yogurt, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, pineapple, and spinach (or same-color substitutions)

1. Use the large biscuit cutter to cut circles from each slice of bread. Press straight down, twist slightly, then lift up to get a clean cut. Use the smaller biscuit cutter to remove the center of each circle. (Set the small circles and crusts aside. You won't be using them. I used the small circles to make mini sandwiches and cut the crusts up for my next bread pudding.)

2. Prepare the fruits and vegetables. Cut the blackberries into quarters, dice the strawberries, mince the pineapple, cut the blue(ish) part off the blueberries, and tear the spinach into small pieces.

3. Spread a thin layer of cream cheese or yogurt on each ring, then arrange the produce neatly on top.

4. Place the rings on a white plate with blue, black and red in the top row and yellow and green below. Enjoy!

This would be a fun do-it-yourself snack for an Olympics-themed party. Pre-cut the fruits and veggies, then let the kids cut the rings, spread the cream cheese, and decorate. Yum!

I chose these foods for their colors, but also because Trevor loves them. But it's easy to substitute to accommodate allergies and preferences. There isn't a great substitute for blue without going artificial, so you're stuck with blueberries if you want to stay natural. For the black ring, try olives or raisins instead of blackberries. Raspberries and tomatoes work just as well as strawberries for the red ring. For yellow, try corn kernels or mangoes instead of pineapple. Peas, broccoli, and green grapes are excellent substitutes for spinach. 


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