The Latest Round-Ups from Fun Family Crafts (Part 2)

Today I'm sharing the next batch of round-ups I've for my job at Fun Family Crafts. These are the ones I made over the winter.

First up, Advent Crafts. I'm prone to ranting when people mistake Advent with the 12 Days of Christmas and assume (wrongly) that both run from December 1-12, so it was a joy to highlight 10 crafts that are actually about Advent. Do you spot mine in there? 

Next was Ornament Crafts. We have a lot of ornament crafts. It was really hard to narrow down the choices and feature ten of the most eye-catching and diverse.

I was pleasantly surprised at the wide variety of Christmas tree crafts we have. Two of mine are in this round-up. But I barely notice them, since my eyes go straight to those tempting brownies. 

Next, Candy Cane Crafts. We have a good mix of crafts that use candy canes to look like something else, and crafts that use something else to look like candy canes.

Our Gingerbread Crafts include edible and non-edible options.

I really enjoyed doing the round-up of Nativity Crafts. I'm in love with the gorgeous silhouette version with the beautiful blue sky.

Snowflake crafts are lots of fun, especially for those of us who live in places where it doesn't snow.

Wow, I used almost exactly the same layout for the Polar Bear Crafts round-up as the Snowflake Crafts round-up. I hadn't realized that before.

One more today: Puzzle Crafts. Most of these crafts use puzzle pieces to make something else. This is an excellent resource for someone who, hypothetically speaking, receives the worst customer service ever from a puzzle company and has a lot of extra pieces laying around.

Tomorrow I'll share another batch of round-ups, which will get me caught up with all the ones I've made so far.


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