No-Snow Trip

I'm happy to announce that another layout has been unburied from the half-done pile, completed, and added to the scrapbook. I'd been struggling with how to scrap last year's "snow" trip. Due to the drought, there was almost no snow. The photos were an odd mix of the browns and greens of the Sierras, snow photos from our day on the slopes, and egg dyeing and egg hunting on Easter morning. After trying and rejecting numerous color schemes, I embraced the oddness and came up with this:

Now we'll forever remember 2015 as the year of our no-snow trip.


  1. LOVE this! LOVING the grid of photos and the wood grain background!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Well the end result is not odd at all! I think you made it work beautifully! Love your "snow pile" journaling spot!


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