Trevor at 9

Trevor's annual birthday layout:

This time I described Trevor as smart, happy, creative, trustworthy, hardworking, cooperative, neat, talented, helpful, careful, responsible, cheerful, patient, mature and generous. Six of those were on last year's layout. I wonder... how many have been on the list every year? One of these days, I'm going to have to go back and check. It would be cool to use my yearly lists to do a Wordle-style layout for Trevor at 10.


  1. Cute layout! Love the B&W w/ the only color on the layout being from the actual photo!
    BTW - I would think that every year, for the most part, you would most likely use the same descriptions, unless something drastically changed w/ his personality!

    And in regards to your comment on my most recent blog post:
    HP World is nice but it's small... you can get through it really quick and since Trevor cannot get on many rides, the cost of having to pay to go into Universal Studios in order to go to HP World is, in my opinion, not worth it! HP World only has 2 rides... One I'm pretty sure Trevor can get on the other one IDK. We only bought passes to visit HP World and will not be renewing once they expire. Luckily my kids like the other rides enough that they go on them while we are there, but for the most part, we really aren't into amusement parks either.


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