Hamburger Name Art

I'll get back to the mug meals soon, but I wanted to share the Hamburger Name Art that I made on vacation. I was sitting on the Lido deck of the Grand Princess, scanning the water for whales (we'd seen a ton already on the trip). I could smell burgers from the Trident Grill. Inspiration!

I pulled out the notebook and colored pencils that I keep with me at all times (of COURSE I do!) and turned my name into a hamburger. 

Do you see it? If not, try looking at it this way:

C = bun, I = onion, n = tomato and patty, D = bun, and Y = lettuce. I put a plate underneath because it looked weird with lettuce sitting under a burger otherwise. Trevor claims it looks weird with the lettuce sitting under the burger no matter whether or not there's a plate there. 

To make your own Hamburger Name Art, write your name in really fat bubble letters. Do this lightly at first, in case you need to alter their shape slightly. Don't be afraid to mix lowercase and capital letters within your name, like my lowercase n amongst the capital C-I-D-Y. Turn the paper 90 degrees and see if you can turn it into a burger. You might find that your name looks better reading from bottom to top rather than top to bottom like mine. 

When you have a shape that looks vaguely hamburger-like, start coloring. Work with the name rather than trying to force it. Split letters if necessary, like my tomato/patty. Think beyond the hamburger basics and add cheese, condiments, and interesting toppings (avocado, mushroom, bacon, pineapple, an egg, etc). There probably isn't anything edible that SOMEONE hasn't put on a burger.


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