More Round-Ups for Fun Family Crafts

Time to share another batch of craft round-ups I've made for Fun Family Crafts!

First up, Olympics crafts. I included two of the crafts Trevor and I made for his Olympics-themed birthday party amongst the ten featured. Can you spot them?

Here's the s'mores round-up. There's one of mine in this batch. In fact, it's my all-time most popular post! 

I updated the graphic on the Back-to-School round-up. I'd made the previous one before discovering PicMonkey and it needed improvement. The newer version is cleaner, brighter and more eye-catching. One of my crafts is pictured.

Next, a baseball round-up. Two of mine are in there; in fact, I didn't realize until now that I positioned them side-by-side.

As always, I made the round-ups using the premium version of PicMonkey. I already loved it, but it just keeps getting better. They've added a bunch of new features recently, including some great themed overlays. (I used "Games and Glory" for the icons on the Olympics Round-up and "Great Outdoors" for the S'mores Round-up). The free version of PicMonkey is great, but the premium is completely worth it if you ever do any photo editing whatsoever. Just the clone and blemish-fix features alone make it worth it for me.  

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