Parrot Yarn Painting

Yesterday, I shared the beanie I knitted using the gorgeous self-striping yarn by Premier called 'Parrot.' Here's something else I did with the same yarn, which was obviously inspired by its name:

I've been wanting to try yarn painting for awhile but wasn't sure what to make. When it hit me that I could use Parrot yarn to make a parrot, I dropped everything and got started. 

The first step was picking an image. I could have drawn my own parrot, but I saved time and frustration by using this handy coloring page. I printed the page, trimmed it, and glued it to a piece of chipboard to give it some stability. 

Then it was simply a matter of laying down a line of glue, putting a piece of yarn on it, and trimming it to length.

I highly recommend Martha Stewart's Mini Glittering Glue and Fiskars' Micro-tip Scissors, as both allowed me to easily get into small places and apply glue or cut exactly where I wanted. As you can see, I started from the bottom, filling in sections as I went. I followed the direction of each shape and kept the blue sky level with the horizon.

It took about an hour to complete and I love the results! 

If, however, you do not have an hour and still want to try yarn painting, Trevor did a 5-minute monogram. He experimented with looping the yarn back and forth to make different textures. I just may try my own yarn painted monogram.

Are you inspired to give yarn painting a try? It's a lot of fun! Huge thanks to Premier for providing me with this yarn. 


  1. Ohhhhhhhhh this is fabulous! I loveeeeeeeee it!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What a great way to use up leftover yarn, too. I want to try this myself!

  3. I love this project, and I am really liking your blog in general! So many cool craft ideas on here. Thank you.


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