The Last (?) Post about Cub Scout Belt Loops

Never say never, but I *think* this is my last post about Cub Scout Belt Loops, aka the Academics and Sports Program that ended in May 2015. I'd wanted to scrap photos of a few of the sports Trevor tried for the first time in pursuit of belt loops, separate from the 2-page summary layout I'll be making of his Bear Year. This is what I made:

A photo on a skateboard, a photo on horseback, and a lot of journaling about the many sports that he might never have tried without the structure of the Academics and Sports Program. 


  1. Loveeeeee this! LOVING the photos and the colors!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I was just thinking it's been a long time since you posted a layout. I love it, as always! Your layouts always inspire me to remember to keep it clean and simple...and don't forget the journaling. :) Great job to Trevor!


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