Washi Tape Monogram

Several months ago, I found 12" monograms on clearance for well under a dollar. Quite a deal! I dug through the bin expecting to find nothing but Qs, Vs and Xs and was very pleasantly surprised to find a C, S and T. I decided it would be fun if the three of us decorated ours separately from each other without letting the others know what materials, colors, etc. we were using. 

Trevor was totally onboard. Within an hour of my bringing the monograms home, he had banished me from the craft area and secretly completed his. (You can see it at the end of yesterday's post.) I made mine once he had cleared out and hidden his T. As of right now, months later, the S is still plain. Crafts just aren't Steve's thing, which is fine. Trevor's been eyeing the blank S and will jump on the chance to decorate it as soon as I give him the go-ahead. 

Here's my monogram:

All I did was cover it with strips of washi. I alternated between the four rolls of red that I own. Rather than try to cut the pieces to size, I just wrapped them around the back and smoothed them down. I added a ribbon rose as an accent.

For more monogram inspiration, check out this excellent book by Leisure Arts (affiliate link): 

Decorate with Letters

I have my eye on that foam flower M, plus a few more of the painted monograms. The next time I find monograms on clearance, I'm going to buy every C I can find!


  1. Ohhhhhhhhh this looks gorgeous! LOVING the colors!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yours turned out pretty!
    P/s: You know I have lots of decorated monograms...*winks*


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