40-4-Steve: Homebrew

Most years I do almost no scrapping over the summer, other than layouts for my goddaughters' birthdays. This year, I've actually gotten quite a bit of scrapping time, which has been a real treat. I want to finish up my 40-4-Steve album, so I tackled this page about him entering his first homebrew competition.

I'd put off scrapping this one because I didn't have photos. Inspiration struck when I renewed his American Homebrewers Association membership and received a large AMA sticker. Paired with the bottle ID form for his entry, there was no need for photos.


  1. Your layout is fabulous, Cindy!! I love that you made it without a photo!

  2. Glad you did this, even without a photo!! I loveeeeeeeeee it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. This tells the story perfectly; no photos needed!


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