Golf Flamingo

I found a random golf tee in the house, so naturally I painted it pink and made it into a flamingo. If that doesn't seem like the logical thing to do, you're probably not a craft blogger. I debated calling it a Golf Ball Flamingo or a Golf Tee Flamingo or a Golf Ball and Tee Flamingo, but for some reason I like Golf Flamingo best.


Golf Flamingo

Materials (affiliate links)


  • Use the sandpaper to rough up the golf ball and the tee. This will help the paint stick.
  • Paint the golf ball and the tee pink. Let them dry.
  • Thread the pipe cleaner through the golf ball at the 1:00 and 8:00 positions. Take the 8:00 end and fold it back into the golf ball at the 7:00 position. Bend it so that it is secure. Bend the 1:00 end to make the neck. Fold the end in on itself to make the face. You might need to trim the pipe cleaner first.
  • Use the glue to attach the golf ball to the tee. 

  • Glue one eye on each side of the face.
  • Glue one feather on each side of the body. 

Poke the flamingo into the grass. The extra long tee means that he won't be hidden if your grass is longish like ours. 

From this angle, it looks like he's giving me the side-eye. 


I'm strongly considering making a whole flock of these flamingos. I'm also thinking about how I can turn one into a Christmas ornament. Oh, the possibilities!


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  1. Naturally! LOL! Super cute! I love that it's a garden decoration!


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