Friday, July 21, 2017

40-4-Steve: Ropa Vieja

Toward the end of my 40-4-Steve project, I learned about a Cuban restaurant that opened just a few miles from our home. We'd had Cuban food before, but never their national dish. We decided that eating ropa vieja from an authentic Cuban restaurant would absolutely qualify as a valid 40-4-Steve item.

Ropa Vieja (affiliate link)

Of course, we ordered way too many different things. It is way too hard to choose just a few dishes when we visit a new restaurant. We liked everything we tried and enjoyed the leftovers as well. The ropa vieja was particularly delicious.

One more page to go before my 40-4-Steve project is complete!


  1. Loveeeeeee this! LOVING how you added the food down in the front!!!!!!!!