40-4-Steve: Riding a Horse

Despite the fact that his college girlfriend owned a horse and Steve went with her daily to see the horse, Steve had never actually ridden a horse. For the final 40-4-Steve activity, I found an instructor nearby and signed him up for a 1-hour introductory ride. Steve did really well and thoroughly enjoyed the lesson.

40-4-Steve: Riding a Horse (affiliate link)

All in all, I consider my 40-4-Steve project a great success. And I am very happy to finally have the last layout in the album.


  1. Whaaat?! He had countless opportunities before and never did it?! Oh, well, at least he has now! I have never ridden a horse either, and I'm not sure I'm brave enough to ever do it! Great shots of Steve on the horse; he looks like a pro! Love the silver glitter title!

    1. Actually, he didn't have the opportunity before. She didn't let anyone else ride her horse, so Steve just went along when she rode.

    2. Oooooohhhh I see..... LOL! Okay that makes a lot more sense!

  2. Kudos on finishing this special album. Looks fabulous.

    P/s: I have never ridden a horse.;)


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