Arrow of Light

The Arrow of Light is the highest award given in Cub Scouts. Trevor and his denmates had their Arrow of Light ceremony in March. The ceremony is conducted by the Order of the Arrow, the national honor society of the Boy Scouts of America.

Arrow of Light (affiliate link)

The night was one of mixed emotions. We were all proud to see our boys' hard work recognized, but saddened that the Cub Scout journey was over and the seven boys would no longer be together. One of the last things a boy does before earning the Arrow of Light is to visit Boy Scout troops to find the one that is a good fit for him. Trevor was the only one to choose the troop he did. You can see this represented with the different neckerchiefs the boys are wearing in the posed photo after the ceremony. (The Scout with no neckerchief is not continuing on into Boy Scouts.) 

I'm proud of Trevor for choosing the right troop for him, even if it meant separating from good friends. So far, he absolutely loves his troop. And we've found ways for him to stay connected to his Cub Scout friends and share their scouting journeys. I'll share a layout about that soon.  


  1. You must be so proud of your boy!

  2. How exciting!!!!!!! LOVING this page!!! Great photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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