40-4-Steve: Musicals

Steve and I both love musicals. We've seen a ton together, ranging from professional touring companies to community theater to films. One of my goals for the 40-4-Steve project was to see one (or more) new-to-us musicals. Mission accomplished! We saw a total of six in 2016 that neither of us had seen before.

Musicals (affiliate link)

Once again, I struggled with how to scrap this. Not only did I not have photos, but we saw six musicals in different places and on different dates. I thought about just scrapping the first one, but rejected that idea. I thought about printing out the Playbill logos for each, but that seemed weird and/or impossible for the ones we watched on film. I ended up cutting out the banner from a program from our local community theater where we have seen the majority of the musicals we've seen recently. The page is plain, but it conveys the information and is a rest for the eyes in an album with a lot going on. 


  1. I loveeeeeeeeeee it! LOVING the big note!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. My husband LOVES musicals!
    I had always hated them, but being married 16 years to a man who loves them kinda made the "love" rub off on me...LOL
    His Favorite is "Fiddler on the Roof". Because of him I have seen that one and: "White Christmas" (his 2nd favorite), "West Side Story" and "Singing in the Rain" (there's more but that's all that I can recall at the moment) all of which I loved! Now I want to do a page about it, LOL And I like the way you did yours so I may lift it! Thanks for the inspiration! BTW - I love "Rock of Ages" we saw the movie and Vegas show and I have the Soundtrack!


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