First Day of Eighth Grade

Here's Trevor on his first day of 8th grade, long before we'd heard of COVID-19 or experienced distance learning. It feels like a lifetime ago in many ways.  

First Day of Eighth Grade (affiliate link)

I've been keeping track of the dates related to this very unusual school year. 
  • On March 13, about an hour before school got out, we got the news that the next two weeks of school were canceled. During those two weeks, I set up a schedule of schoolwork and merit badges for Trevor to do, following the same schedule he had at school (science, language arts, history, robotics, lunch, PE, and math).
  • On March 25, the school district announced that we would not be returning to school on March 30th as planned. Instead, distance learning would begin that day, with the first day back tentatively Monday, May 4. 
  • On April 1, the State Superintendent of Public Instruction announced that schools in California would be unable to physically reopen this academic year. However, this was not a mandate and local school districts could still choose to reopen against the advice.
  •  On April 10, our school district announced that we would be on distance learning for the remainder of the school year, with spring break to happen as scheduled from April 10-17. The last day is June 11. 

Trevor has adapted well to distance learning and is continuing to do very well in school. I'm very thankful and appreciate all that his teachers are doing to ensure his education continues and he is prepared for high school and the future. 


  1. I'm pretty sure his ability to adapt has a lot to do w/ his mom being a Teacher, LOL ::wink:: I love your layout, especially the way you framed the photo, w/ a strip of paper going from top to bottom of the layout, and the banners! I also love that your documenting the whole school/COVID situation!

  2. It has been a crazy school year, hasn't it? Brookie's classroom has been our dining room since this all started, and her last day is this coming Monday. Still going to take my annual 'last day of school photo' though! LOL! I loveeeee this! LOVING the banner!!!!

  3. Nicely done. Love the title banner.:)
    Trevor has always been interested in learning so it's no surprise that he continues to be motivated at home. Kids who need peer support will probably not do so well.


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