Dress My Craft Paper + Sentiment Stickers = 9 Cards

As part of my 2020 Creative Resolutions, I've been making cards using a variety of techniques and materials that I don't normally use. Here are my latest creations:

Each of the cards started with paper from the Romantic Roses collection by Dress My Craft (affiliate link here and throughout the post). This collection is not something I'd use for scrapbooking (too vintage for me), but it works really well for cards. The quality of the paper is fabulous - super thick and really smooth. 

I cut my card bases strategically. I positioned the roses to serve as embellishments on four of the cards. I fussy-cut one frame to make a shaker filled with flower pearls (the first shaker card I've ever made). The other frame holds a sentiment sticker. That sticker and all the others were part of a gift from my dear friend, Julie. I particularly love how the two pink cards with the white script turned out. That's one single white heart doily that I cut in order to decorate the two cards.

For the pet sitter card, I used this stamp to make the rabbit. Ordinarily, I would have had a chance to give the card to our awesome bunnysitter by now, but COVID-19 has canceled all our travel plans for the foreseeable future, and thus eliminated the need for pet sitter. 

None of these cards look like what I would usually make, so it a good challenge for me. 

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