Mommy and Baby Construction Paper Elephants

Have you ever watched a baby elephant hold onto its mommy's tail as they walk? It's absolutely adorable. This simple construction paper craft is fun for Mother's Day or as a card for a baby shower. 


Mommy and Baby Construction Paper Elephant Card


  • construction paper
  • scissors
  • grey chalk
  • q-tip
  • glue
  • black pen


Choose a piece of sky blue paper for the background. Leave it flat or fold it to make a card. Tear off a strip of green construction paper. With the torn side facing up, glue it to the bottom of the blue background.

Cut out the mommy elephant and baby elephant from grey construction paper. Each elephant has three parts - the body, the ear, and the tail. 

Use a q-tip to rub grey chalk along all the edges of the elephant body parts.  

Glue the ears and tails to the elephants, then add the eyes with a pen. Position the elephants so that Baby is holding Mommy's tail, then glue them in place. Add a message if you wish. 

A few fun facts about elephants:

  • Elephants plaster themselves in mud and throw dirt on themselves (known as dusting) to protect their skin from sunburns, to prevent overheating, and to repel bugs.
  • An elephant's large ear acts as a cooling system. When it is hot, they flap their ears and heat escapes through the large blood vessels on the backs of their ears.
  • For centuries, we thought there were two types of elephants (African and Asian). In 2011, scientists discovered that African Savannah and African Forest elephants are actually two different species. 
  • Elephant brains weigh 11 pounds, much more than any other land mammal. 
  • An elephant's eyelashes can grow up to 5 inches long. 

Elephants are amazing!

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  1. I love ELEPHANTS!!! This is ADORABLE! Loving how you used hearts for the ears!


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