Edible Roses on Ice Cream for Mom

I love edible crafts. These candy melt roses are a fun and easy ice cream topper that will make Mother's Day (or any occasion) extra special! Affiliate links below. 


Edible Roses on Ice Cream



Make ice cream (I recommend Lazzberry). Scoop it into the ramekins and freeze until firm. 

Spread a piece of parchment paper on your work surface. Then follow the directions on the package to prepare the yellow candy melts. I use a glass container and do 45 seconds on 50% power and then stir until they're completely melted, but every microwave is different. 

Use a spoon to drop a dollop of candy melts onto the parchment, then swirl the spoon through the candy to make circular patterns. The candy is very forgiving. You can keep working it for quite awhile. If you mess one up, wait a few minutes until it is set, peel it up, re-melt it, and try again!

Prepare the green candy melts. Using about half the amount as you used for a rose, pour a small dollop. When almost all of the candy has landed on the parchment, move your hand to form a tip, then let the last bit fall back on the leaf to form the vein.  

Let the candy set up. It only takes a few minutes in a cool house, or you can speed the process up by putting the sheet of parchment into the refrigerator or freezer. When the candy has set, peel it from the parchment paper, then arrange it on top of the ice cream. 

Happy Mother's Day to my mom and to all of you moms who are reading this! I hope you have a wonderful day and lots of ice cream. 


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