Rice Krispie Treat Flamingo

I had so much fun with the rice krispie treat pig that I made a flamingo. 

Rice Krispie Treat Flamingo



Use a sharp knife to carve away the corners of the rice krispie treat, as shown on this piece of paper.

Working on a piece of parchment paper, use the corners to shape a neck and head, making sure they're firmly attached to the body. Pop the flamingo (still on the parchment paper) into the freezer for a few minutes to firm it up. 

Insert a lollipop stick to make the leg of the flamingo. Melt 8 white Candy Melts with 1 red Candy Melt to get the perfect shade of Flamingo Pink. (I did 45 seconds at 50% power in small glass container, then stirred until it was smooth. Every microwave is different.) Use a butter knife to spread the melted candy on the flamingo. Some will puddle between the neck and the body, which is good. This will hold the neck in place when the candy sets up. Use the knife to swipe two teardrop-shaped globs of candy on the parchment paper. These will be the wings. Let the candy set up completely. (Notice I still have candy leftover in the glass dish. You'll need this to 'glue' the eyes and wings in place.)

When everything is hard, peel the wings and the flamingo from the parchment paper. Remelt the pink candy (about 20 seconds on 50% power) and spread use it to adhere the eyes and wings. Let them set. 

Melt a tiny bit of black Candy Melts and dip the tip of the beak. (Yes, it's worth the effort. It makes a big difference.)

I have more rice krispie treats in the pantry. What animal(s) should I make next?


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