Pandemic Questing: The Virtual Version of Urban Adventure Quest

If you've read pretty much any of my US Travel posts, you'll know that our family LOVES Urban Adventure Quests. UAQ is a mobile phone scavenger hunt that takes you on a walking tour of the best parts of a city and challenges you to learn more and look deeper. So far, we've completed Quests in Sacramento, Salt Lake City, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, San Jose, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Portland, Indianapolis, San Francisco, Austin, Boise, Chicago, and New Orleans. There are 72 locations, with new ones being added all the time, so we're not in danger of running out of Quests any time soon!

Obviously, no one is doing any Quests during the COVID-19 pandemic. While waiting for travel to resume, the wonderful people at UAQ (who've likely seen their income drop to nothing, like pretty much everyone in the travel industry) have designed FREE virtual Quests that can be done from your living room. They are releasing a new game every week or so. We've had a great time playing them together as a family and anxiously await the release of the next virtual Quest!

The free virtual Quests are similar to the full-length, in-person Quests in that you are given a series of clues to answer questions that move you (virtually, in this case) to the next destination. The questions are challenging, educational, and fun.

I don't have any relationship with UAQ other than devoted fan (which led to being an unpaid beta tester for the San Francisco and San Jose Quests), so my interest in promoting UAQ is not financial. Rather, it is selfish - I want them to keep making new Quests for us to do during our travels! I want this small family business to thrive and for all of you to give Questing a try and fall in love with UAQ like we have. Give a FREE virtual Quest a try today!


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