Found Item Stamped Frame

Need a fun activity for the kids? Challenge them to search the recycle bin, junk drawer, and garage for items they can use as stamps. I used four household items to make this stamped frame. Can you guess what they are? 

The first item I used is probably the most obvious. I'll get to it a minute. First, I painted my frame white. I couldn't find a link to the frame I used, but this one is inexpensive and has a good amount of surface area for stamping (affiliate link). When the white paint dried, I used a plastic lid to stamp pink circles.  

Did you guess that the small orange circles with the empty center were made with a screw?

I was particularly pleased with the interesting purple shape I got by stamping the edge of a nut.

The bread tab added a fun line detail.

Did anyone notice that I used one of my all-time favorite color combinations? It's a nod to tomorrow, which is a very special day in Casa deRosier. Happy anniversary, Steve! Sweet Sixteen in Quarantine, and there's nobody I'd rather spend it with than you. 


  1. Happy anniversary!!!!! :) I love what you did with that frame! I guessed the cap, but not the rest!

  2. Super fun! It turned out super artsy!

    Happy anniversary!


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