Nebraska 2017

I hope you all had a fun National Scrapbook Day! 

When I think back on all the traveling we've done over the past few years, a few trips stand out. Our June 2017 trip to Nebraska is one of them. Nebraska exceeded our expectations in every way. (Except the frequent thunderstorms and blistering heat. I'm not a fan of midwest weather.) We packed so much into our five days. There's no way I could have included everything we did onto one layout, but I did my best to pick photos that show the highlights.  

Nebraska 2017 (affiliate link)

I'm looking forward to when we can start traveling again, but in the meantime I'm really enjoying scrapbooking prior trips that hadn't made it into the albums yet. Fortunately, I have no shortage of trips that still need scrapping!


  1. Ohhhhhh I love this page!! How I would LOVE to visit that Chester (Raccoon!!!!)!!!!


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