Cereal Box and Newspaper Tree

Some of my favorite crafts are those made with materials reclaimed from the recycle bin. This tree is made entirely of painted cereal boxes and newspaper. 

Cereal Box and Newspaper Tree


  • cereal boxes
  • newspaper
  • Folk Art paint
  • scissors
  • glue


Open up the cereal boxes to expose the insides. Paint one box with shades of blue to make a sky and another with shades of green for the leaves. Paint some newspaper with shades of brown.

Cut a rectangle from the blue cereal box to use as the background. Layer a piece of green on top to make the grass. Cut a tree shape from the newspaper. Glue the trunk in place, leaving the branches free. 

Cut a bunch of rounded shapes from the green cereal box. Layer the largest ones under the branches, gluing them in place. 

Finally, glue the smaller green pieces on top of the branches, anchoring them. 

I've started hoarding cereal boxes because I have a bunch of ideas for additional projects. Expect to see some coming soon!

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