Rice Krispie Treat Cactus

Summer is officially here! It's a great time to give this fun edible cactus craft a try. Affiliate links below. 

Rice Krispie Treat Cactus



Use a sharp knife to cut a rice krispie treat into three vertical strips. Then cut one of the strips in half horizontally. 

Attach one of the small pieces to the top of the middle strip, then bend the remaining two pieces to form the cactus arms. Round the edges of each piece, then make sure they fit together smoothly. Put the pieces on parchment paper, then coat them with green Candy Melts.  

Melt together eight yellow Candy Melts and one light cocoa. Spread this on the graham cracker. 

When the cactus pieces have set up, use green Candy Melts to 'glue' the pieces together. Let them set up.

Use a sharp knife to trim the bottom of the cactus so that it is completely flat. Use green Candy Melts to attach it to the graham cracker. 

Put an unwrapped pink Starburst in parchment paper and flatten it with a rolling pin.

Cut the flattened Starburst into thin strips. Roll a strip to make the center of a flower, then roll a second strip around the center. Bend the edges out slightly to make petals. One Starburst will make three flowers. Attach the flowers to the cactus with green Candy Melts. 

It's as yummy as it is cute! Any suggestions of what I should make next? I have a bunch of ideas, but I do take requests. 


  1. Cacti are my LEAST favorite things in the world (growing up surrounded by them would probably be the reason! HA!), but you made one SO CUTE! I love it!!


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