Washington DC and NYC 2019

Trevor spent his 2019 spring break on a trip to Washington DC and New York City with his classmates. The trip was virtually identical to one I took as a kid in 1988 and as a teacher in 2001. It would have been awesome to have completed the trifecta (taking the same trip as a student, teacher, and parent) but it was not to be. 

DC & NYC 2019 (affiliate link)

Trevor had an incredible time and loved every minute. Although he traveled with a camera and a cell phone, he came home with a lot fewer photos than I'd hoped. Fortunately, the fabulous Mrs. Brucia (the teacher in charge) and the other chaperones took plenty of pictures. I found the best ones that actually had Trevor in them, added a few others, then put them together on this spread. I left plenty of space for journaling. 

I'm so glad Trevor had the chance to travel with his school friends and make such great memories. 


  1. Wonderful layout! Love all the photos and the embellishments!

  2. Brookie was supposed to be in DC today for her school trip... and well, we all know why it was cancelled. :) Hopefully, next year she will get to go! I love love love this! LOVING the photos you were able to get from others to make it work! :)

    1. So sorry to hear that. I really hope she can go next year.

  3. I love the photos so much! Your 2 page layout is absolutely wonderful, Cindy!


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