Lemon Card

I've enjoyed the challenge of creating a week's worth of lemon-themed crafts and recipes. Today I'm sharing how to make a lemon card. You could add a greeting and send it to a friend, perhaps tucking in a recipe for a frosty lemon treat. Or, bake up some lemon muffins or make your own limoncello,  use the card as a gift tag, and deliver it to someone in need of cheer. Or send it with a lemon-themed gift (ideas at the bottom of the post). My #Quaranteen could have used this design for thank-you notes, but he went a different route with the cards he sent. 

Lemon Card


  • cardstock / construction paper - blue, yellow, white
  • scissors
  • yellow colored pencil
  • glue stick


Cut a piece of blue cardstock to form a card base. Set it aside.

Cut a circle from white cardstock. Cut a circle from yellow cardstock that is slightly smaller than the white circle. Cut the yellow circle in half, then cut each piece in half again, and then each piece in half one more time. This will give you 8 yellow triangles. Use scissors to trim each and round off the points so they look like the segments of a lemon.

Place the white circle onto the remaining yellow cardstock and use it to draw the main part of the lemon. Cut it out.

Use a yellow colored pencil to draw a series of lines on each yellow triangle to mimic the juice vesicles. Then make small dots on the part of the lemon that won't be covered by the white circle.

Arrange the triangles evenly on the white circle and glue them in place, then glue the white circle to the main part of the lemon. Glue the lemon to the card base.


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