Rice Krispie Treat Pool Table

My latest Rice Krispie Treat + Candy Melt creation is a pool table. I had a lot of fun figuring out how to make it. I'm particularly pleased with how the cue stick turned out. Can you guess how I made it? Read on to find out! Affiliate links below. 

Rice Krispie Treat Pool Table



Unwrap two rice krispie treats (or cut two rectangles if you made your own RKTs). Use a rolling pin to flatten one of them. 

Place the flattened RKT on parchment paper, then cover it with green Candy Melts. I spooned it over the top, then used an offset spatula to smooth it out. Let the candy set. 

Spread a puddle of melted Dark Cocoa Candy Melts onto the parchment paper, then dip the edges of the green RKT into the puddle. 

Cover the unflattened RKT with Dark Cocoa Candy Melts. 

Break a piece of spaghetti in half, then roll it in the puddle of Dark Cocoa Candy Melts. Dip the tip of one end into powdered sugar.

When the candy has set, you're ready to assemble your pool table. Use a glob of melted Dark Cocoa to attach the tabletop to the base. Then dip each Sugar Pearl into a tiny bit of melted Green and place it on the table. Lean the cue stick against the table.

* While searching for this link, I discovered that Wilton has flavored Sugar Pearls! I found Orange Sherbet, Bubblegum, and Green Apple. I cannot wait to my hands on some! I also found pineapple- and flamingo-shaped sprinkles that are totally adorable. Ooh, and airplanes. So many fun choices!


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