Crayon Melt Iguana

It's been a long time since I pulled out the warming tray to do crayon melts. It was the perfect medium for an iguana. Affiliate links below. 

Crayon Melt Iguana



Plug in the warming tray and put a sheet of paper on top. Fill the paper with the colors you want your iguana to be. I started with oranges and browns, then layered greens on top. I recommend removing the wrappers from the crayons and laying them on their sides for faster, more even coverage. 

When you are happy with your paper, remove it and unplug the warming tray. The wax will set almost immediately. I started by cutting out the body of the iguana from a solid green area. I saw a place where the colors came together to make a perfect eyeball, so I cut that section into a rough circle and placed it on the body so that I wouldn't lose track of it. (I cut it down to an oval later.) Then, I cut a the iguana's spines. As you can see, some of the green wax flaked off when I cut near the edge. I decided I liked the look because it gave a contrast to the green body. 

The legs were the trickiest part. I drew the legs on scraps of white paper, layered it on top of the waxy paper, and cut. If you aren't confident that your legs will fit, or if you want the legs to be cut from a certain area of the waxy paper, make a pattern first and trace. 

Cut the eye into an oval, then cut a similarly-sized oval for the subtympanic shield. Use a strong craft glue to attach all the pieces. 

As is always the case, I learned a lot about iguanas in the process of making this craft. I had no idea iguanas have a third eye, are excellent swimmers and divers, and can survive a 50-foot fall! Check out these other fun iguana facts


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