Book Poetry and a Virtual Gallery Talk from The Carle

I have a lot of favorite children's authors and illustrators. If I were forced to pick my very favorite, it would probably be Eric Carle. I absolutely love the artwork in his classic books. 
A few years ago, I learned that about The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art, located in Amherst, Massachusetts. I've been following them on social media ever since and look forward to when I can eventually visit in person. For Valentine's Day, The Carle posted this:

When you read the titles of these picture books from top to bottom, you get this poem:

I love everything about this and have been wanting to make my own Book Poetry ever since. Unfortunately, I don't have enough picture books in the house to do this and I'm not going to go to the library (open for 1-hour appointments only) and touch a bunch of books that will then have to be put in quarantine. 

Anyway, back to The Carle. Because I stalk their calendar for special events I would attend and exhibitions I wouldn't miss if I didn't live 2978 miles away (according to Google Maps), I discovered that they are hosting virtual events that I can attend. In fact, I've registered for what sounds like an amazing (free!) event on April 22:

You can register here. I can't wait! I'm a big fan of Andrea Davis Pinkney (and her illustrator husband Brian Pinkney) and this is such an important and interesting topic. While I'm much rather view the exhibit in person, I am so grateful for museums holding virtual events like this one. 

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