All Things Rabbit (Bunny Week 2021, Day 5)

Welcome to the last day of Bunny Week 2021!  

Steve requested that I put all my Bunny Week material from over the years in one location so that it's easy to share. I did one better: I put absolutely everything on my blog having to do with rabbits in place. There are 50+ craft tutorials, dozens of scrapbook pages, a gift guide, and links to all the informational posts I've done about rabbit behavior and care. It was a ton of work, but I am so glad that All Things Rabbit are now in one spot.  

You can visit the All Things Rabbit page by clicking the graphic above, which now appears on the CRAFTS BY HOLIDAY / TOPIC tab. I'd originally used the bunny donuts for my Edible Crafts icon, but I switched things up. Now there's a new icon for Edible Crafts. 

I made both of them in PicMonkey, of course. 

Having an All Things Rabbit page makes me so happy. I especially love seeing all my bunny crafts and scrapbook layouts about Trouble together. Going through the entire blog to find all the rabbit posts was a great way to remind myself what's here and get ideas for what else I can add. Even though this is the end of Bunny Week until next year, I can guarantee you'll be seeing a lot more bunny content before 2022!

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