Famous Font Name Art

Today is my birthday, so I'm sharing something that is very Cindy (literally)! I made the design for this name art digitally and colored it in with actual markers for a really fun hybrid project. Each of the 13 Cindys is made with a different famous brand's font. Do you recognize any of them? The answers are at the end of the post. 

Making your own name art coloring page using famous fonts is really easy, thanks to FontMeme! This free site has dozens (hundreds?) of free fonts featuring your favorite brands, movies, TV shows, bands, games, and more. Affiliate links below. 


Famous Font Name Art


  • FontMeme Text Generator
  • PicMonkey or other program that lets you insert graphics onto a blank canvas
  • printer
  • Prismacolor Art Markers or your favorite coloring materials


Open FontMeme and click on their Text Generator. Type in your name, then choose a font from the drop-down list. Choose a font size (it doesn't really matter since you can adjust it in PicMonkey), then select the Style-OutlineGB effect. Keep the color on FFFFFF (black), then click GENERATE. Here's an example using the Coca Cola font:

There are embedding options if you want code for blogs or forum posts, but all you need is a jpeg. Right-click on the name and save it. Now switch ONLY the font, leaving everything else the same.

Save the name, then repeat the process until you have at least a dozen different versions of your name saved. 

Open PicMonkey and create a Blank Canvas. I made mine 8" square, but 8.5" x 11" is a great choice. Now add your graphics to the canvas one by one, adjusting the sizes until they fill the space and fit together nicely. 

As you can see, I added a few Basic Graphics to three of my names in order to better match how the brands use their fonts. This is, of course, optional. 

Print your completed design, then color it in, matching the colors of the brands you used. I don't know if it's just the brands I chose, but they heavily favor primary colors. I'm not surprised, but now that I see them all together, it makes me think that a clever brand would use secondary colors to stand out from the crowd. My eye goes to that tiny bit of green in a sea of red, yellow, and blue. 

So how did you do with guessing the brands I used? Ready for the answers? 




How many did you get right? Let me know in the comments! And when you make your own name art, let me know so I can try to guess which fonts you used. 


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