The Perfect Name

Back in 2012, I made a layout telling the story behind Trevor's name. In that journaling, I mentioned that many of the names we liked were too common for our taste, but I didn't get into what exactly that meant. I've been wanting to make a layout that included a chart of the popularity of the name Trevor and explain where I consider the perfect names to fall: not too common and not too obscure. 

I decided to make that page for the 30-Minute Relay Challenge during the Victoria Marie Designs crop. The ultimate goal was to compete a page in under 30 minutes, with the following components making up the 'relay' portion: prep photos (10 minutes), grab supplies (5 minutes), sketch a design (5 minutes), and complete the page (10 minutes). I didn't worry about breaking my time down like that, but I did finish the page within the time limit.  

The Perfect Name (affiliate link)

I used a photo of Trevor from 2019, because that's the last year listed on the printout of the Social Security Administration chart. I put a little star by his birth year (2006) and gave myself plenty of space to write my story. I'm so happy with this page. 

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