I Love Big Stuff

While digging through the box of printed photos that hadn't made it into the scrapbook for the I Love You the Whole World layout, I found six photos with Trevor and/or me posing with ridiculously-oversized things. I put them together to make this layout:

I Love Big Stuff (affiliate link)

I made this layout for the Follow the Playbook challenge during the Victoria Marie Designs crop. In it, we were asked to use this sketch:

As you can see, I dropped the left side of the sketch and just used the right. I doubled the number of photos, moved the title onto the dark strip across the bottom, and extended the journaling to fit the space where the title had been. 

This is my least favorite layout from the crop. I don't hate it, but looking at it now there are a few things I'd tweak to improve it. 

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