I Love You the Whole World

For the Slam Dunk challenge during the Victoria Marie Designs crop, we were required to find a layout we had made ourselves that could be considered a slam dunk, then use it as inspiration to create another scrapbook page. This is what I made:

I Love U the Whole World (affiliate link)

And this is what inspired it:

I Love Your Smile (affiliate link)

It's not a direct lift, obviously, but it does have a lot of elements in common. Beyond the square photos, grid design, and mixed font title, both layouts are made using photos I printed but never used on a page. It was so much fun going through the extra photos and seeing my beautiful boy over the years. 

The title comes from something Trevor and I used to say to each other when he was a toddler. I would say, "I love you!" and he would say, "I love you a lot!" and we'd go back and forth until he would say, "I love you the whole world!" and that ended it because there was nothing bigger than the whole world.

Trevor is 14 now and I still love him the whole world.

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