Rabbit Trivia (Bunny Week 2021, Day 4)

Rabbits are fascinating animals. Over the past 10 years since we adopted Trouble, I've been sharing all sorts of information about bunnies and what makes them special. It's time to test yourself to see what you've know!

1. Rabbits belong to the Mammalia class. What is their order?
A) Dermoptera 
B) Edentata
C) Lagomorpha
D) Rodentia

2. How many toenails does a rabbit have?
A) 12
B) 16
C) 18
D) 20

3. Rabbits can see nearly 360°, with one blind spot. Where is it?
A) Directly in front
B) Directly in back
C) On their left
D) On their right

4. Rabbits are missing a physical feature other mammals have. What is it?
A) sweat glands
B) a pancreas
C) a dorsal nerve cord
D) pads on the soles of their feet

5. Rabbit ears are excellent at detecting predators and serve other roles. Which is NOT a function of rabbit ears?
A) regulating temperature
B) attracting a mate
C) communicating emotion / mood
D) maintaining balance while running

6. In the wild, a cottontail lives less than a year on average. Well-cared for house rabbits live significantly longer. How old was the longest-lived known rabbit?
A) 9 years
B) 12 years
C) 15 years
D) 18 years

7. Approximately 15% of a healthy human's weight is bone. What percentage of a healthy rabbit's body weight is bone?
A) 8%
B) 15%
C) 23%
D) 28% 

8. A healthy human's body temperature is around 98°F. What is a healthy body temperature for a rabbit?
A) 90°F
B) 94°F
C) 98°F
D) 102°F

9. Adult humans have 32 teeth. How many do adult rabbits have?
A) 4
B) 12
C) 28
D) 32
10. A rabbit's teeth never stop growing. How much do the average rabbit's teeth grow in a year?
A) 0.5 inch to 1 inch
B) 1 to 3 inches
C) 3 to 5 inches
D) 5 to 7 inches



1. C) Rabbits are lagomorphs. Other members of this order include pikas and hares. 

2. C) Rabbits have four toes and a dew claw on each front foot. They have four toes on each back foot.

3. A) Rabbits have a blind spot directly in front of their nose. 

4. D) Rabbits do not have pads on their feet. Instead, they have a thick cushion of fur. 

5. B) Rabbits use their ears to regulate their temperature, communicate their emotions, and maintain balance when they run. Ears do not play a role in attracting a mate. 

6. D) The longest-lived rabbit reached 18 years old. 

7. A) A rabbit's skeleton makes up approximately 8% of its body weight. 

8. D) A healthy rabbit's body temperature is around 102°F. 

9. C) Adult rabbits have 28 teeth. 

10. C) Rabbit teeth grow from 3-5 inches a year. 


  1. I got 2 correct
    #5 and #6 and only because I guessed, LOL!
    Great info!

    1. I'm guessing that's about how I'll do when you write Pig Trivia!

    2. Oh, I guess I need to get on that! LOL

  2. Wow. I know nothing about rabbits. LOL


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