Bunny by the Craft Stick Fence (Bunny Week 2021, Day 3)

It's Day 3 of Bunny Week 2021 and I have another craft for you. Not only is it adorable (if I do say so myself), but this project uses up the craft sticks that have knots and other flaws that kids (and craft bloggers) usually reject. Affiliate links below. 

Dig through the craft sticks and find the 14 worst ones you can - knots, uneven, visible grain, etc. 

Mix a small amount of nutmeg brown paint with water to make a stain. Brush it over the craft sticks and let them dry. 

Meanwhile, prepare the cardstock grass. The three steps are show in the photo below:
  1. Cut cardstock pieces approximately 1" x 3", then snip to create fringe. (I don't have any, but fringe scissors will speed up this process.) 
  2. Snip the ends of the fringe on an angle at random heights. 
  3. Bend the fringe to mimic the look of grass, then fold a tab at the bottom. 

Glue the dry craft sticks together to make the fence, then glue the tabs of the grass onto the bottom of the fence. Glue an extra strip of green cardstock to the back of the fence, just peeking out below the grass tufts. Finally, glue the bunny in place.

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