Pandemic Scouting

COVID-19 has had an effect on pretty much every aspect of our lives, including Scouting. Trevor's troop hasn't met in person since early March and it doesn't look like we'll be getting together anytime soon. The Scouts now meet weekly via Zoom, and their monthly campouts have turned into 'camp-ins.' I made this layout to document what Pandemic Scouting looks like in the deRosier house: 

Pandemic Scouting (affiliate link)

Steve bought a new family tent online recently, so we set it up for the first time in the backyard for Trevor's first camp-in. It is laughably huge. Our family of three could do aerobics in that tent with plenty of space for others to join us. That's it in the top two photos. The other two photos show Trevor in a Scout Zoom meeting and us roasting marshmallows over our gas stove. We're doing our best to make sure Trevor continues to have a great experience in Scouting. 

You might not have noticed my absolute favorite part of the layout. If you look carefully, you can see that I dotted the i in Scouting with a tiny little campfire sticker. It makes me smile. 


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