Andrei at 15

In 2020, my godchild announced that their name and pronouns had changed. I put the new name on their annual birthday layout, but posted a censored version on my blog at their request. They've asked me to update that with the full layout revealed, which you can now see. 

This is Andrei's birthday layout for 2021. They haven't done their photo shoot for 2022, so at least they'll have the 2021 page before that one. 
Andrei at 15 (affiliate link)

I used to see Andrei on a near-daily basis, but the combination of the pandemic and our lives and activities going in different directions means that I don't know Andrei the way I used to. I had her mom, Courteney, pick the adjectives to go on the layout this year. I hope to spend more time with Andrei in the future. But in the meantime, spending time with their picture working on this layout was a pleasure. I hope they like it. 


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