The Annual Birthday Layouts

Nothing has been normal in 2020, which is why I'm just now sharing the layouts I made for my godchildren's July birthdays. After not seeing each other for WAY too long, we finally had a chance to meet for a brief, socially-distanced gift opening. 

Here is the page I made for Ellia, age 11. She's getting so big! I didn't get close to her when we visited, but I wouldn't be surprised if she is nearly as tall as I am. 
Ellia at 11 (affiliate link)

Here is Andrei at 14. I know for certain that I'm the shorter of the two of us. 

Andrei at 14 (affiliate link)

And speaking of shorter, check out this photo that Courteney snapped when Trevor and I delivered the birthday layouts. 

Am I slouching? (I don't think so.) Is the pavement sloped? (Doesn't seem like it.) Or is it time for me to make a new version of this layout? (Probably.) Could Trevor have grown that much between September 23 and November 13 when the two photos were taken? (Yes, based on how much he eats.)

It's crazy seeing these kids growing up! Crazy awesome, that is. 

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  1. LOVE the pop of red on Ellia's layout - matches her hair.
    P/s: Boys eat a lot....nephew #1 is always hungry.


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