Eagle Scout Court of Honor: The Program and the Guest Book

While an Eagle Scout Court of Honor has some traditional elements that almost everyone incorporates in their ceremony, no two are the same. Each Eagle Scout brings their own personality to the event. Here is the program from Trevor's Eagle Court of Honor

Regular readers are probably expecting me to say that I made it in PicMonkey, but I actually made it as a Word document. Then I printed it onto the Neenah Vellum Bristol I've been using for colored pencil projects. 

For the guest book, I adhered the invitation to the Court of Honor onto the center of a piece of white 12"x12" cardstock. I put out red and blue pens in keeping with the Eagle theme and stationed a Scout to greet everyone and make sure they signed in. 

This will go into the scrapbook album as is, along with the pages I make from the event. I love seeing the names of all the people who were able to attend and help honor Trevor for his huge accomplishment. 

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