Trouble Hiding

As a prey animal, Trouble feels safest when he is under cover with plenty of escape routes. When he was younger, he liked to sit on the dining room chairs that were pushed under the table. He also liked to lounge under the piano bench. Now he prefers to nap in boxes. All provide lots of opportunities for exiting quickly if danger approaches from the side, and prevent him from being seen from overhead predators. 

Trouble worries a lot less about overhead predators than when he was young. He might have finally figured out that, as a house rabbit, there are ceilings keeping the overhead predators from seeing him. He's not nearly as careful as he once was to remain hidden from sight. Frankly, it's adorable seeing part of him sticking out. It reminds me of playing hide-and-seek with toddler Trevor who thought that if he couldn't see me, then I couldn't see him. 
Trouble Hiding (affiliate link)

There are two things I love about this layout besides the darling pictures of feet and cottontails. "Trouble Hiding" has a double meaning: 1) Trouble is hiding; and 2); he is having trouble hiding effectively. And then there's that fantastic rabbit patterned paper. It's from an A5 pad and I've been struggling with how to use it on a layout. I had to piece it together to fit all the way across the page and am really happy with how it turned out.   

Trouble is just three weeks shy of his 12th birthday, which is very elderly for a rabbit. He gave us a scare a few days ago, but is perfectly fine now. I know that our remaining time together will not be long, and I cherish each day.

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  1. Love the clever pun! And great use of the rabbit patterned paper. :)


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