Eagle Scout Court of Honor: The Invitation

Yesterday was a big deal for our family. Around 90 friends and family members joined us for Trevor's Eagle Scout Court of Honor. As I've mentioned, Trevor earned the highest rank in Scouting on June 21, 2022. An Eagle doesn't receive their regalia until their Court of Honor, so this was the first time Trevor wore the Eagle Scout pin and neckerchief. We'll be sewing the Eagle patch on his uniform today. 

A lot goes into planning an Eagle Court of Honor. Over the next week or so, I'll be sharing all the things I did to prepare. Today, the invitation.

Obviously, the first step was to choose a date and location. We've attended Eagle Courts of Honor at churches, community centers, fellowship halls, schools, and public parks. We opted to hold ours at our church. After clearing a date with Trevor's grandparents and key Scout leaders, we set it in stone and it was time for me to make the invitations.  

There are official printable invitations you can buy (affiliate link), but I wanted Trevor's invitation to be unique. (OK, mostly I just wanted an excuse to play with PicMonkey.) I started with the photo from his Board of Review (note that he is not wearing an Eagle neckerchief or pin), then pulled the blue from the flag for the background. I used white for the printing and banner, then added the Eagle Scout patch. 

I love the way it turned out. In a lot of ways, it's similar to my scrapbooking style. The focus is on the photo, it's clean and simple, and there is plenty of journaling!

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