Eagle Scout Court of Honor: The Videos

There were two video presentations during Trevor's Eagle Scout Court of Honor. The first was a look at his ten years (so far) of Scouting. It was 14 minutes long, with about a minute dedicated to each year. Then a section at the end showed Trevor's Eagle Project and the official photos following his Eagle Board of Review. I loved putting it together and reminiscing about all his activities and the great friends that all three of us have made through Scouting. This was the first time I'd used iMovie and I'm very happy with the video I made. This is the title slide. Of course, I made it in PicMonkey. 

The second video, just over a minute long, was a surprise for Trevor. Even though this video was 1/14 the length of the first, it took me just as long to do. It took a long time to find and select just the right photos. Figuring out how to do voiceovers was an extra challenge. I'm so happy with how the video came out. We are so proud of Trevor and so lucky to be his parents.


There's a third video I want to share on this occasion. I first saw it in 2014 and thought, "Someday that will be me." Well, someday is here and I couldn't be happier. 

Finally, we have a video of Trevor's entire Eagle Court of Honor. We took it primarily because one of Trevor's mentors couldn't attend the ceremony, but also so we could look back on it and remember that important day. 

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