Easy Canvas Photo Frame

 I typically think of a photo frame as having an opening, but it's not mandatory. This version of a photo frame is made with a painted canvas. The photo is adhered to the surface with removable adhesive, rather than placed behind the frame and held in place with tabs. Affiliate links below. 

Easy Canvas Photo Frame



Paint your canvas however you'd like. Neat or messy, with a brush or with fingers, lots of colors or only one - whatever! Be sure to paint the sides of the canvas as well. Let the paint dry completely. 

Apply painter's tape to the edges of the canvas. Then add a coat of white gesso over the uncovered portion. Let the gesso dry completely. 

Gently peel up the painter's tape. Apply repositionable Glue Dots to the back of your photo, then center it on the canvas. Instant frame, and you can change the photo whenever you'd like!

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