A Brand Kit for My Creative Life

Yesterday, I blogged about brand palettes. A brand palette is one component of a brand kit, which typically also includes logos, watermarks, fonts, style guides, and anything else that identifies a brand. The goal of a brand kit is to maintain the brand's identity across multiple users. Any company with more than one person should have a brand kit to make sure that the company maintains the same look, tone, and feel no matter who works on a product. Universities typically have brand kits as well; check out the one for my alma mater, the University of California at Davis

Since I am the only one who creates content for My Creative Life, having a brand kit isn't vital. I'm unlikely to invert or distort my own logo, randomly use 20 pt. ComicSans and 6 pt. Curlz for a blog post, or arbitrarily use red and purple for my watermarks. I don't need to have discussions with anyone about tone, word choice, or the (mandatory) use of the Oxford comma when I write my posts. 

Even so, I still have a brand kit. All of my brand assets, including my logo, watermark, blog header, brand palette, avatar, favicon, and graphic ads are in one folder. I recently pulled my header, brand palette, favicon, graphic ad, watermark, and logo into a single image. Having it all in one place helps me visualize my overall branding.  

This is my most-used item in my brand kit. These are all of the colors that appear on my blog. I've added the hex number to each for quick reference. When I create a graphic, I drag this image to the bottom, then either use the eyedropper tool or type in the hex color to get a perfect color match. Then I delete this image from the graphic. It works like a charm.   

Of course, I created everything in my brand kit with PicMonkey. It's my favorite.


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