3 Card Challenge

I love a challenge. My creative time has been really limited this week, so I decided to see if I could make three cards in 30 minutes. Playing off the "3" theme, I limited myself to three papers and three tools. Having limited options is key to finishing things quickly. 

The last time I got together with my crafty besties, I cut sentiments from black and white cardstock. I wanted to use those for my cards, which meant I could choose one more paper for the challenge. I reached into my scrap bin and pulled out a half sheet of red paper with tiny polka dots. Perfect! I counted the die-cut machine I'd already used as the first of three tools. The other two would be my paper trimmer and a star punch. Other than adhesive, that's all I used to make these cards.

These aren't the most fabulous cards I've ever made, but that wasn't the point. Because of the time pressure, I worked quickly and made snap decisions. I didn't waste time arranging and rearranging, or looking for the perfect element. It was a fun challenge to stretch myself creatively and one I'd like to try again.

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