Duo Con Trouble

I've gotten into a routine of doing my daily Duolingo practice on the couch near Trouble's area. (He struggles with mobility now and stays exclusively on the carpeted area, so we're all coming to him rather than him coming to us.) When I first started doing Duolingo there, Trouble's ears would perk up with the various chimes and voices, but he got used to it pretty quickly. In this photo, he is completely zonked. It's not surprising; I'm there around 4:00 pm (just after school pick-up) and that is prime naptime for a crepuscular critter.   
Duo Con Trouble (affiliate link)

I think this is the first time I've ever used any Spanish on a layout. The title has the word 'con' (with), while the journaling has an entire sentence of Spanish: 'El conejo está muy cansado en la tarde' (The rabbit is very tired in the afternoon). It's a fun first for me. 

If anyone is interested in giving Duolingo a try, definitely do so! It's free and it's fun and it's effective. You're welcome to use my link to join or, if you're already a member, feel free to friend me. 


  1. Awwwww such a cute layout. I was sad to read that Trouble struggles with mobility now. And I love that you journaled with a sentence of Spanish! (I wish I had something like Duolingo when I was doing hospital nursing - it would have come in handy. I only knew a few key words in Spanish! LOL!)

  2. So cute! I would "friend" you if I'm ever on Duolingo. Apparently I've made Duo super unhappy because I keep skipping my lessons. *LOL*


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