Tackling a Creative Resolution: Data Collection

I was looking over my list of creative resolutions for 2022 and decided to finally tackle my goal of making ten crafts based on crowd-sourced ideas. The first step was data collection. I came up with ten questions and asked my Facebook friends to reply with the first thing that came to mind for each, like in the final round of Family Feud (affiliate link). 

  • Something kids like:
  • An interesting animal:
  • A popular children's book:
  • Something beautiful:
  • A delicious food:
  • An under-rated holiday:
  • Something Disney:
  • A United States landmark:
  • A famous artist:
  • Something you recycle:

After a bunch of people answered, I entered the results onto a spreadsheet and sorted by the most common answers. Then I checked those against the crafts I have made over the years as well as the ones I've featured as Editor of Fun Family Crafts. My goal was to find gaps. Did more than one person name an interesting animal that hasn't been the subject of a craft? Any under-rated holidays not getting their fare share of craft tutorials? Any recyclable materials that need more suggestions of how to use them in crafting? 

I'm not going to reveal what my planned crafts are until I share each one, but I will show you the most frequent responses for three of the questions. 

In a few cases, I combined friends' specific answers into one category. Rather than counting spaghetti, pasta, and pasta primavera as three separate things, I put them all into the category of pasta. That's what inspired my Halloween costume. I'll share that tomorrow.

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